Imagine Academy of Cultural Arts

We Are Imagine Academy of Cultural Arts!

Imagine Academy of Cultural Arts (IACA) opened in August 2010 at 1509 Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis City, occupying 7 of the 10 floors of a unique building. IACA's cultural arts curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn from visitors from around the world.

IACA is a member of the Imagine Schools family.
Imagine Schools operates 72 schools in 12 states and the District of Columbia. Each school is uniquely tailored to each community, both in curriculum and structure. Founded in 2004 by social entrepreneurs Dennis and Eileen Bakke, Imagine Schools is a full-service charter school management organization. Sharing the same vision, IACA partners with Imagine Schools because of the expertise, quality, and programmatic variety. The partnership offers freedom within a sound educational framework.

As a member of the Imagine Schools' family, IACA shares a common culture based on shared values and Measures of Excellence, yet each school's academic approach is uniquely tailored to the community served. All Imagine Schools' people are committed to accountability and constant improvement. Imagine's "Measures of Excellence" are the yardsticks we use to evaluate our effectiveness in six equally important areas of school quality: parent choice and satisfaction, adherence to shared values, academic achievement, positive character development, economic sustainability, and new school development. Our work is guided by three shared values: integrity, justice, and fun. We apply “Joy at Work,” a unique organizational and operational structure that puts teachers and school leaders squarely in charge of the decisions affecting the schools and students we serve.

Imagine Schools is excited to partner with parents, communities, and boards to deliver high quality education that prepares students for life-long success. Imagine offers public charter schools, like IACA, with the goal of restoring vision and innovation in education and returning parents and guardians to full participation in the education of their children.