Imagine Academy of Cultural Arts

K-5 Program

Teacher Listing and Room Numbers

Ms. Borum                  Room 101
Ms. Davis                   Room 100
Ms. Howell                 Room 103

First Grade

Ms. Armour                    Room 103
Mrs. Bober                  Room 205
Ms. Morrow               Room 202
Ms. Register               Room 204

Second Grade

Ms. Buchanan                  Room 207
Ms. Hall                      Room 201
Mrs. Johnson              Room 206

Third Grade

Ms. Akins                    Room 701
Mrs. Townsend            Room 702
Ms. McAllister             Room 706

Fourth Grade

Ms. Williams                    Room 703
Ms. Eanes                    Room 705
Ms. Conway                 Room 707

Fifth Grade

Ms. Cason                    Room 800
Mr. Riggle                    Room 801

Science & Technology

                                Mr. Theby                     Science Sky Room & Lab 1003
Special Education

Mrs. Tiffany Brown       Room 1002

    Mr. Anderson                  4th floor Gym
    Ms. Miller                    4th floor Art
        Mrs. Pinegar                  4th floor Music