Imagine Academy of Cultural Arts

We are Imagine Academy of Cultural Arts!
Preserving Diversity and Promoting Inter-Cultural Learning

Imagine Academy of Cultural Arts (IACA) opened in August 2010. The school serves about 375 students in grades K-5, providing a mini "United Nations" in the heart of St. Louis. The unique cultural arts focus of the school will introduce students to the following areas:
-Foreign languages
-Educational systems
-Dance, music, and arts

Overall, the academic curriculum infuses arts and character education, and the staff employs practical and reliable methods of assessment to gauge individualized student progress.

IACA opened in August 2010 at 1509 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO. The school occupies 7 of the 10 floors of a unique building. IACA's cultural arts curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn from visitors from around the world.

School hours are from 9AM to 4PM, with breakfast served at 8:30AM.